Randy Waidner, an award-winning chef and passionate culinary educator, was an early resource for the Prairie Street Prime community. As our first Resident Chef, he created kosher recipes, original artisan product offerings, and video tutorials where you’ll learn to grill, braise, and pan-sear like a pro.

Chef Randy’s passion for cooking began when he was just a kid and he’s since devoted his life to honing his craft. He has cooked at renowned restaurants and culinary events around the world.

For 10 years, Randy served as executive chef with Gibsons Restaurant Group — Chicago’s preeminent steakhouse — where he managed over 30 chefs and 1200 staff, and was pivotal in the development and successful opening of several restaurants. He also pioneered their G125 angus program, which (in partnership with the USDA) set a new standard for guaranteeing excellence in beef quality and eating experience.

At Weber Grill Restaurant, Chef Randy mastered and taught private client demos on grilling, smoking, and barbecuing over live fire. For 15 years, he competed and was a certified KCBS (Kansas City Barbeque Society) judge. His recipes are published in Weber Grill cookbooks.

Chef Randy made special TV appearances for both Gibson and Weber on The Food Network and other prominent media outlets. For the American Culinary Federation, he was a Certification Judge, a Certified Executive Chef, and earned the prestigious Chef of the Year award.

Equally passionate about sharing his knowledge, Chef Randy instructs at a Chicago-based culinary school — and now here with you. Wherever you are in your culinary journey, he wants to expand your comfort zone and boost your confidence in the kitchen.

Chef Randy has moved on to other endeavors, but his tutorials remain must see for the discerning consumer. 

We will continue to engage with expert chefs in order to expand our knowledge and yours, in the arts of fine meats.  Come back here to meet more of our Resident or Guest Chefs.

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