The Exceptional Art, Science, and Luxury Of Dry-Aged Beef

The vision for Prairie Street Prime has always centered around bringing our clients and community an exceptional kosher experience. Our latest offering — dry-aged beef — takes luxury kosher cuisine to the next level. If you’re really looking to serve and savor an unparalleled meal, dry-aged is your ticket.

While dry aging has been around for millennia as a means for keeping meat fresh, it’s used today to enhance an already exceptional piece of beef. This meticulous and nuanced process produces a distinctly rich and meaty flavor, and a silky, smooth texture. It occurs by storing meat in a highly controlled setting where airflow, temperature, and humidity are carefully regulated. As the moisture is slowly drawn out over time, the areas of muscle soften while the fat grows more prominent and potent, adding robust flavor.

At the same time, the outer layers dry to form an exterior crust that seals in the flavor and tenderness. Once the aging term is complete, that crust is removed. What arrives at your door (vacuum sealed for peak freshness) is a deep red, perfectly tenderized cut of luxury.

The longer a cut is aged, the more tender it becomes — and the more intense the flavor profile becomes. While some meats can age for 40-50 days, we found 28-30 days to be our sweet spot for getting that deep, delicious flavor without bordering on pungent.

You can currently get all of our rib-based beef and briskets dry aged, with additional products coming just in time for Pesach.

We’re also running a dry-aged sweepstakes through Monday April 4, 2022 on Instagram. Enter to win our 4-bone USDA Prime 28-day Dry Aged Prime Rib or our USDA Prime 28-day Dry Aged Tomahawk. Then head to our YouTube channel to see Chef Erica master a Kosher Reverse Sear Dry Aged Tomahawk. See you in the kitchen!


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