The Craziest Unboxing Experience You’ve Ever Seen!

Prairie Street Prime recently partnered with Zero-G for an out-of-this-world unboxing experience. It all started when we showcased Prairie Street Prime products at a high-end conference slated for Monday, August 30, 2021, in the Hamptons. A pre-party was to be held the evening before at a multi-million dollar mansion, but Mother Nature had other plans. As hurricane Ida made landfall, we got word that both the host and the caterer of the pre-party had canceled.

That’s when PR guru Adam Weiss called Prairie Street Prime’s CEO, Elliot Moscowitz to step in. It was a down-to-the-wire scramble, but we made it happen with a mouthwatering array of USDA Prime beef, veal, and lamb for the evening’s 60 guests. That night, Elliot serendipitously met Matt Gohd — the CEO of Zero Gravity Corporation, who was also the conference's keynote speaker. Zero G operates weightless flights from U.S. airports, catering to both tourists and researchers alike. After seeing incredible footage of the Zero G experience, Elliot envisioned an extraordinary brand partnership — an unboxing experience unlike anything that had ever been done before. When Matt heard the idea, he got right on board.

After getting clearance from the FAA and gathering his film crew, Elliot and his family flew down to Cape Canaveral for a special Friday flight. His son even joined the flight as part of his Bar Mitzvah celebration.

We had such a BLAST flying and filming in weightlessness at 32,000 feet with Prairie Street Prime’s stunning products in hand. Now that’s what we call a luxury kosher experience! Check out the full video at

The only thing we love more than doing disruptive, thrilling things like this is sharing them with you. Stay tuned for more fun, interesting, and innovative experiences and be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel for all things luxury kosher cuisine.


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