Nothing is more valuable than your time, especially when you’re preparing to host a large Shabbat or major holiday meal. So, why wait in line wondering if this year’s cut will be something you’re proud to serve at your table?

Instead, get a direct connection to the best kosher butchers in the country without stepping foot outside your home.

By shopping, you get instant access to our full line of luxury cuts.

No more jumping over mile-high hurdles just to get good kosher meat, or worrying about inconsistent and unpredictable quality. Since we only select the very best, you can expect luxury every time. But with Passover almost here, now’s the time to order.

Mrs. Maisel herself would surely approve of our Star-K certified USDA Prime, High Choice and Dry Aged beef, veal, and lamb — especially since they're vacuum-sealed at the peak of freshness and delivered straight to your door.

She would also appreciate the dedicated creativity and expertise of our Prairie Street Prime Culinary Kitchen ( YouTube channel, which is where you can find innovative Passover recipes and step-by-step tutorials taught by professional chefs. She deserves the best lamb chops, and so do you!

Congratulations to our Dry Aged Sweepstakes Winners!

1st place: Al Adams
2nd place: Sarah Baxt

**1st place will receive our 4-bone USDA Prime 28-day Dry Aged Prime Rib
**2nd place gets our USDA Prime 28-day Dry Aged Tomahawk.

Be sure to enter the next one for your chance to win luxury kosher cuts like these.


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