Prepping For Passover

Prepping For Passover In Style

Passover is the most widely celebrated and perhaps most intimate holiday in the Jewish calendar. With the holiday flanked on both ends by dedicated off time, the opportunity to disconnect from distractions and reconnect with our families (and ourselves) is ever present. For so many of us, it will be the first time we’re celebrating together again in years.

For those of us who host, the holiday table — and the meal served on it — is the centerpiece of the tradition, where the most treasured moments are shared. Now more than ever, we believe in serving the highest quality cuisine for your family to enjoy, and we’re here to help you make it memorable. Here are Prairie Street Prime’s quick tips for preparing a magical holiday meal.

Order in advance:While this may seem obvious, we can’t stress it enough. As purveyors of luxury culinary products, exclusivity often means limited supply. Particularly with the unpredictable supply chain challenges currently occurring around the world, it’s best to order now to ensure you get everything on your list in time for the holiday.

Our Concierge Service is here to help with any questions you have about ordering. Contact us at

Cook outside the box:While everyone loves the classics like brisket and rib roasts, we’ve also got some amazing alternatives to diversify your table and impress your guests. Try mixing it up with a variety of cuts (like our skirt steak) alongside the originals. You can also use cauliflower rice to replace regular rice for things like ground lamb.

Here’s a look at what’s on our menu along with some quick links to our Culinary Kitchen episodes that show you step-by-step how to make some incredible Passover dishes:

We’re filming new episodes each week, so make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the recipes and tutorials above as soon as they go live!

Let us help you tell the story of the Seder with a meal that makes this holiday your most memorable one yet. To ensure your order arrives amidst high demand, visit — Your Luxury Kosher Experience — and reserve yours today.


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