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At Prairie Street Prime, we’re streamlining the kosher meat experience by consistently delivering the highest quality kosher meat right to your door.

We’re also on a mission to educate our community about how to master kosher meat. Our YouTube channel will demystify every aspect of the high-end meat experience, so you can so you can become a confident culinary ace in your own kitchen.

Prairie’s Chef Randy Wainer has cooked in some of America’s most iconic steak restaurants. He’s spent decades perfecting his craft and training chefs in elite kitchens around the world, and now he’s sharing his lifelong passion and culinary wisdom with you!

Subscribe to our channel and get Chef Randy’s innovative recipes, cooking tips, techniques, and specialty tutorials. You’ll go behind the scenes and learn how to select, prep, cook, serve, and savor your favorite meats like a pro. Learn about “mise en place,” the importance of marbling, and how to mimic butter basting with kosher, non-dairy alternatives. From smoking that perfectly charred steak to serving a buttery rib roast your family won’t stop raving about, you’ll be crafting can’t-miss meals in no time — and having fun in the process.

The Prairie Street Promise:

Our premium kosher meat is sourced from the highest quality boutique farms and butchers. Every aspect of the process is highly curated and regulated to ensure the premium quality kosher experience we’ve promised. Let’s just say we have a direct line to the person cutting your meat.

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