Don't Miss Out! Place Your Luxury Passover Order Today.

“In delay there lies no plenty.”
-William Shakespeare

Being in an ultra-exclusive market means our products are in high demand, particularly at this time of year. With the Passover holiday just weeks away and supply chain issues creating unforeseen shipping challenges, the best way to ensure you get the meal you want on time is to ORDER NOW

We offer the highest quality Star-K certified USDA Prime, High Choice, and Dry Aged beef, veal, and lamb. Our user-friendly website makes it easier than ever to find the kosher meal of your Passover dreams and get it shipped right to your door. No more schlepping to the butcher and waiting in line hoping to get a quality cut. Order with confidence! 

Once your Prairie Street Prime box arrives, head to our YouTube channel for some step-by-step recipes and tutorials that will give you that extra boost of confidence in the kitchen. In our latest Sunday episode, Chef Kendra serves up a mouthwatering twist on kosher Stuffed Cabbage

If you’re a professional chef cooking a holiday meal for private clients, our Concierge Service——can help you get your bulk order placed with ease. They’ll also curate the perfect holiday package to impress your family, friends, or business associates. 

We want you to experience your most luxurious Seder yet. Order now at


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