Calling All Chefs!

If you’re looking to serve something elevated and extraordinary this Passover, our kosher Concierge Service is your passport to luxury. Concierge fosters partnerships with talented chefs who are at the top of their game and love cooking with the very best culinary resources available. We also work with chefs on an advisory basis because we value the perspective they bring to our products and services. If you’re a seasoned chef looking to give your private clients a next-level culinary experience, these are just some of the benefits to consider with Concierge:

  • We can play matchmaker to connect you with private clients for high-end events.
  • Get custom cuts not available to the general public. Multiple warehouses mean you get fast delivery for events.
  • Get featured demonstrating your culinary skills on our Youtube channel.
  • Get on our list to work ultra-exclusive events in your area or become a road warrior who travels nationwide.
  • As part of our Brand Ambassador program, you’ll get your own affiliate link to share with your clients. When they order our products, you get rewarded.
  • We’ll work with you to build custom menus and support you in delivering meals that feel authentic to your style — and exceptional to your clients.

We invite you to choose Prairie Street Prime for your private client Seder. The chefs on our roster can’t stop raving about the quality and taste of our products. At the same time, they know that we’re so much more than a vendor. We are constantly looking to the future and expanding in ways that elevate everyone in our orbit. If you’d like to learn more about what’s possible, we’d love to connect with you.

Here’s a quick look at our Concierge Service:
(Embed or link to 1 min concierge video)

For our at-home chefs and event hosts, we have an array of private chefs that are either local or can travel to your primary or vacation home. They have global culinary and cultural experience, and are tapped into the world’s finest specialty products and ingredients.

Here are some event host benefits to our Concierge Service:

  • We hire/connect you with elite, talented chefs for your event.
  • We’ll work with your chef to create custom menus just for you.
  • We’ll provide the best products and ensure smooth delivery.
  • We can book your chef AND all the logistics for your private events, vacations, holidays.
  • We’ll curate custom gift packages that promise to blow away your friends, family, business associates — and anyone else you want to impress.

From choosing the perfect kosher cuts to creating custom recipes, our team is here to answer your questions, get your order placed, and shift your focus from stress and concern to confidence and excitement. We want to remove the guesswork for you, so all there’s left to do is indulge in unforgettable luxury culinary experiences.

With such high demand for the holidays, now’s the time to place your order.


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