Big News And Notes From The Culinary Kitchen

Welcome to “Notes from the Culinary Kitchen,” Prairie Street Prime’s weekly blog — and your place to indulge your love of luxury kosher cuisine. As the founder of Prairie Street Prime, I’m both humbled and excited to share some highlights about our journey so far, and our big vision for the future. 

Prairie Street Prime is revolutionizing the luxury kosher experience by delivering Star-K certified USDA Prime, High Choice, and Dry Aged kosher beef, veal, and lamb right to your door. We’re shining a spotlight on kosher cooking and empowering our community with a growing library of innovative recipes and pro-chef tutorials that foster confidence in the kitchen — and variety at the dinner table. 

Our Story

Like most big ideas, the inspiration for Prairie Street Prime was born out of necessity. A few years ago, we lived in Brussels while my wife worked for the UN on the Syrian refugee crisis. We loved the adventure, but it was incredibly difficult to find high-quality kosher meat in our small Jewish community. So, together with other locals, I formed a club that placed monthly group orders from a company in Strasbourg, France. 


When we came back to NY, I noticed a similar gap in the market. That high-end caliber of kosher meat was not available direct-to-consumer. Outside of major Jewish metropolitan areas, it wasn’t an option at all, especially if you wanted to order consistently. COVID-19 only exacerbated the issue. I spent the next few years deep diving into how we could not only solve this problem, but elevate expectations on every level. 


Our Mission and Vision

Since launching, my focus has been to revolutionize the luxury kosher experience so we can become your trusted source for Shabbos, holidays, and every big meal in between. We’re finally seeing that vision in action and we’re not slowing down. We’ve built an infrastructure and distribution flow that allows us to source and deliver Star-K certified USDA Prime, High Choice and Dry Aged beef, veal, and lamb from the highest quality boutique farms right here in the U.S. 


Our ever-expanding luxury product line is now available with free shipping nationwide and will soon include high-end fish and chicken. As originally intended, the Prairie Street Prime e-commerce platform provides a seamless shopping and delivery experience — even for those in smaller, underserved communities. Whether at your primary or vacation home, our products are shipped to you (vacuum sealed at the peak of freshness) in gorgeous packaging you’ll love to open. We’re also rolling out an exclusive concierge service for all your high-end events. Stay tuned for more on that!


With education and community at the heart of our mission, we’re putting a wealth of resources behind our in-house media division, Prairie Street Prime Media, so we can continue bringing you innovative original content that inspires and connects through the art of cooking. 


We’ve curated a roster of talented chefs to show you how to cook exceptional meals with confidence, and we’re sharing engaging content each week via our YouTube channelThe Prairie Street Prime Culinary Kitchen — and other social platforms. That includes a new video release every Sunday featuring one of our pro chefs preparing a luxury kosher feast with our products. We’ll also start publishing content in Hebrew and French within the next few months! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a thing. 


It’s been an incredible ride so far. Our community is growing rapidly and I’m so grateful that you’re a part of it — the best things in life are created and celebrated with each other. I invite you to indulge each week as we share our passion for cooking, serving, and savoring the highest quality kosher cuisine. You can expect everything from new recipes and techniques to new product promotions, guest chef features, and a behind-the-scenes look at Prairie Street Prime events.


As we continue growing, we want to know what kind of content you’d like to see. What kosher cooking conundrums can we solve for you? What spin on kosher cuisine have you always wanted to try? Your thoughts and questions will help us serve you better, so send them our way. We also want to hear about what you’re cooking up with our products, so be sure to share on social media.


As always, wishing you and your family joy, health, and abundance.

-Elliot Moscowitz
Founder and CEO
Prairie Street Prime


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