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We’re committed to delivering premium kosher products whose quality you can count on every time.

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Your meat arrives flash-frozen or slightly thawed in a biodegradable box. Refrigerate or freeze.

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Kosher Rack of Lamb Frenched with Caramelized Vegetables

Kosher Rack of Lamb Frenched with Caramelized Vegetables

Watch Chef Randy grill Prairie Street Prime’s rack of lamb. While this beautifully marbled, hand-trimmed cut is great for grilling or roasting in ...
Kosher Boneless Ribeye with Vegan Butter

Kosher Boneless Ribeye with Vegan Butter

Kosher Boneless Ribeye Steak Basted With Vegan Butter Join Chef Randy as he bastes this kosher ribeye to perfection. Hand-cut from the rib roast ...
Welcome to Prairie Street Prime

Welcome to Prairie Street Prime

At Prairie Street Prime, we’re streamlining the kosher meat experience by consistently delivering the highest quality kosher meat right to your do...

Goodbye stressful shopping. Hello home delivery!

Prairie Street Prime conveniently delivers premium kosher beef, veal, and lamb right to your door. With our chef-curated selection of USDA and Star-K certified kosher meat, seamless ordering, and exceptional quality you can count on every time, you’ll actually have fun in the kitchen again!

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Every item is USDA and
Star-K certified with
a kosher supervisor’s
seal of approval.

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Even your Fedex shipping box is sealed, so product handlers can handle your order with care.

Packaging Protection

That seal is also placed on your product box, ensuring that kosher packaging protocols have been followed.

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Demystifying meat.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been cooking for decades, Chef Randy’s innovative recipes and YouTube tutorials will take your culinary game to the next level. Get ready to have fun, build more confidence in the kitchen, and craft artisan meals your family and friends will love.

Our products

From Source to Seal

Meet Chef Randy

Prairie Street resident chef and VP of Culinary Innovation, Randy Weidner, is a renowned meat master who has cooked in some of America’s most iconic steak restaurants. He’s spent decades honing his craft and training chefs in elite kitchens around the world. Now he’s sharing his lifelong passion for fine food along with tips, techniques, and tutorials that’ll have you crafting memorable (and mouthwatering) meals in no time. Get a taste of Randy’s culinary wisdom at our YouTube channel

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